Welcome to Fantages Studios

Fantages Studios is re-opening for business after a long and unexpected period of inactivity. Our last major project was back in 2003 with the Wrestle RPG based on the rules of the d20 System and d20 Modern games by Wizards of the Coast. In the intervening years, we have been working on a variety of different projects, though we do not yet have anything ready for release. Until we have something ready for official release, here are are current and future plans and product lines.

Wrestle RPG
Wrestle is back and based on a new system we are tentatively calling the W20 system (or Wrestle20). It derives ideas from Columbia Games HarnMaster system and Green Ronin Publishing True20. It features a skill development system that does not use levels, but instead allows a player to develop his wrestler organically in the direction he sees fit.

Truerth Campaign Setting
The Truerth Campaign Setting has existed as a shared networld from the late-90's pre-D&D 3rd edition days. In 2005, we acquired the original source materials and became the sole developer of the world. In that time, development of Truerth has seen a variety of changes and internal revisions The version that we are developing contains 3 campaign settings or realities within 1 world.

An event in Truerth's distant past caused the core reality to split into 3 distinct and separate alternate realities. Rya'mier, which is a gritty low-fantasy world where magic is rare or limited in some capacity. Darkfire, which is an epic high-fantasy world where magic and powerful creatures and even gods roam the land. Finally there is Truerth or the True Reality from which Rya'mier and Darkfire derived from. The world of Truerth takes a middle road approach to the effect of magic. Magic is less accessible than on Darkfire, but more powerful and plentiful than on Rya'mier.

The Intention with this three-in-one campaign setting is to be able to explore a variety of different ideas from the more mundane, but still interesting adventuring opportunities to the more epic high level adventures, without having to physically create and populate two or even three unique worlds or campaign settings. All three realities of Truerth share common events, but each reality may have had a different cause or trigger to such event. Regardless of what events occur in which reality, the end result is mirrored in each.